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2014 Ford F150 Raptor Audio Upgrade

After listening to this vehicle for the first time, the customer decided it needed a major overhaul of the audio system.  After several discussions and listening tests in our showroom the customer chose a set of Rainbow SL-C6 6.50″ component speakers for the front along with a set of Rainbow coaxial speakers for the rear. These were to be powered by an Audison Prima AP4.9BIT 4 channel amplifier with built in EQ system.  We added a Hertz EBX-F20.5 8″ sub enclosure and mounted this underneath the rear seats to retain as much space as possible. This was driven from an Audison Prima AP1D mono amplifier, linked to the AP4.9BIT to utilise the BIT technology.  The entire vehicle also had a covering of Skinz sound proofing material to deaden the panels and allow the speakers to reach their potential quality.  Once the products were installed, a laptop was plugged into the Ap4.9BIT and the EQ was set according to the customers requirements.


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The best car audio in Sheffield! Paul spent over an hour with me just talking about everything, door speakers, amps, sub woofers & these guys really know their stuff. Chris (who did the work on my car) spent ages making sure I had no rattles at all. I got a top of the range set up within my budget, head unit, amp, sub & door speakers & cannot speak highly enough for these guys, i learned loads & got a system that properly rocks. If you want car audio, go see these guys, even if just for a quick chat, you’ll see what the hype is about. 10/10

— Joe Walker

Absolutely first class customer service with some real friendly and knowledgeable guys. I had every option and product explained to me in depth and the finished product is perfect. I will be using them for years to come

— Joseph Lynch

I bought a car radio from somewhere else with the intention of replacing the factory installed one. I contacted Halfords and they bluntly told me that they did not fit a radio that was not supplied by them. I then stumbled upon Source Sounds on internet and decided to give them a try.
What set wind to my sails was their warm customer relations and their confidence that it was “do-able!”. Their charges are reasonable as well.
They changed the fascia and in the process provided extra space for auxiliary equipment (space that had been covered by only two knobs on the previous radio). They kept me updated on the progress. I now have a trim dashboard , and am over the moon! Thanks to Paul and his team. Your customer care is second to none.