Ford Transit Security Upgrades


Ford Transit Security Upgrades are a necessity for your Ford Transit. These vehicles are targeted daily by thieves and affect everyone from the general working man to the big corporations. Whatever the size of the company, whatever the year of the van, you need to make sure your protect it!

The Problems You Face

Door Peeling

Typically known as "Peel and Steal" this method of theft is very easily done. With only a bit of human strength and a knee needed, the door can be peeled away from the chassis at the top of the door.

oe barrel attacks

Break-ins often occur as a result of the door skin being punctured/cut to gain access to the internal mechanisms (latch) that open the door. The Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Custom driver’s door lock is easily overcome by picking, forcing or ripping the cylinder out of the door

factory alarm

The factory alarm on any Ford Transit, whether it be a Transit Connect, Custom, Courier or just the standard Transit is not worth considering. To make matters worse, Ford do not offer any security to prevent the daily theft occurrences that happen throughout the UK.



Source Sounds understand what it is like for the everyday working man to wake up and realise his van has been broken into and his livelihood has been taken from him. We understand the stress of replacing tools, your loss of income, insurance claims & the worry of “what if” it happens again. Ford Transit Security Upgrades are a necessity! 

The Clifford Concept 650 is undoubtedly the best system money can buy, the amount of features this alarm can have are endless. These features include an internal and external proximity, dual circuit immobilisation, rear loading bay protection through ultra sensitive sonic sensors, digital shock (omni) sensor, Blackjax anti-hijack, tilt & motion sensor and much more! The external proximity sensor is a unique feature where if a thief comes within touching distance of the vehicle, the alarm will sound an aggressive chirp noise to warn that person away. 

We have this alarm fitted to our vehicles here at Source Sounds, if you would like a full demonstration on this alarm and how it works, please get in touch!


Source Sounds use the brand L4V to securely add extra protection to your locking for your Ford Transit. The products we predominately deal with are the door replacement locks and the rear barn door and sliding door 3/4 high hook deadlock. 

The replacement door lock is expertly installed on the front drivers door to deter thieves from cylinder attacks, which is a common problem with Ford Transits. The Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Custom driver’s door lock is easily overcome by picking, forcing, drilling or ripping the cylinder out of the door. This replacement locking system has an extra protection bezel which sits around the surface area of the lock inside, to stop the thief dead in their tracks.

Probably the most common problem with Ford Transits is the renowned “door peel” issue. If there is no latch on the door, manufacturers doors can easily be bent down from the top. The rear barn door and sliding door high hook deadlock prevents this from happening because of position of installation and the type of lock the product has. This has a “hook” lock which securely hooks and locks into a bezel which is attached to the inside of the bodywork to allow a fully secure hold; which prevents the door from being peeled back. We also offer an upgraded key for these locks, contact us for more information. 

We offer numerous amounts of different locking systems for your vehicle, not just these two. 


We are more expensive than your man in a van, but we do things properly. Your vehicle will be worked on by a fully trained engineer that is at Thatcham standard with the relevant auto electronics qualifications. You will be given a full demonstration upon completion of the installation by someone who knows the product thoroughly and will receive full back up and support from Source Sounds with a point of contact 6 days a week. 

Why Source Sounds?

Expert installation engineers

We have engineers that have been working on vehicles for more than 30 years.

We understand

We understand what its like to own a prestigious vehicle and have the upmost care when working on your vehicle.

Point of contact

Throughout the whole process, you will be appointed a certain member of staff that will run through everything with you from start to finish.

Customer service

We believe that the customer is royalty and whatever you require we strive to exceed that.

We listen

We take extreme pride in not selling you something you do not need. We listen to your requirements and offer suitable solutions.

Our reviews

Our Google reviews speak for themselves, if you have a minute we suggest your browse through them.

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    We have worked on numerous amounts of Transits for security upgrades, click the YouTube icon below to see what we offer for your transit.

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    We traveled from Rotherham to get these guys to fit some reversing sensors to my wife’s car, I’d been before and they were very professional for both alarms and a radio on my van and this time as before they were brilliant. The work was completed ahead of time and one of the guys came out and spent 10 minutes explaining EXACTLY how parking sensors worked which was great as I hadn’t a clue. We are very pleased with both the professionalism of the people and the work in which they do. Perfect!!! Many, many thanks for such a great company.

    — Wayne Herring

    Really happy with my service and my purchase. Christian and Paul were really honest and polite, and helped me make the right decision in regards to choosing to upgrade my sound system as opposed to replacing my faulty CD player like for like.

    — Jordan Hilton

    I bought a car radio from somewhere else with the intention of replacing the factory installed one. I contacted Halfords and they bluntly told me that they did not fit a radio that was not supplied by them. I then stumbled upon Source Sounds on internet and decided to give them a try.
    What set wind to my sails was their warm customer relations and their confidence that it was “do-able!”. Their charges are reasonable as well.
    They changed the fascia and in the process provided extra space for auxiliary equipment (space that had been covered by only two knobs on the previous radio). They kept me updated on the progress. I now have a trim dashboard , and am over the moon! Thanks to Paul and his team. Your customer care is second to none.