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Stealth install in Audi A2

The object of this custom install was to keep the vehicle as ‘stealth’ as possible.  The customer didn’t want anything on show but wanted a high quality sound.

All the panels were made and trimmed in alcantara to match the colour of the vehicles interior.  The stereo that was fitted was a Nakamichi CD700, a very expensive unit that didn’t have a ‘pop-off’ front panel.  For security, we customised the original Audi radio and made a front ‘stealth’ cover so to any passers-by it looked like a cheap Audi stereo which wasn’t worth stealing.

The boot floor has a removable panel which hides the Genesis amplifer and the JL Audio subwoofer.


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I bought a car radio from somewhere else with the intention of replacing the factory installed one. I contacted Halfords and they bluntly told me that they did not fit a radio that was not supplied by them. I then stumbled upon Source Sounds on internet and decided to give them a try.
What set wind to my sails was their warm customer relations and their confidence that it was “do-able!”. Their charges are reasonable as well.
They changed the fascia and in the process provided extra space for auxiliary equipment (space that had been covered by only two knobs on the previous radio). They kept me updated on the progress. I now have a trim dashboard , and am over the moon! Thanks to Paul and his team. Your customer care is second to none.

— Nhamo Chinogara

A BIG “thank you” to the staff at source,had speakers,amp,sub,head unit and cables fitted…great service,sounds amazing!!

— Steve Darlow

I arrived to find two technicians on their lunch break busily helping a lost parcel delivery guy waylaid with items. This bode well for assessing the character of Source Sounds. A replacement head unit and the re wiring of a sub made me self concious that I was not their biggest customer. I could not have been more wrong. They squeezed my job in that very day and phoned me as soon as all was complete. I never had to repeat anything twice. Lee’s perseverance and tenacity was infectious. Several minor issues that I had tolerated previously are now history. I thoroughly recommend this company.