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2007 Audi A3 Audio Upgrade

After extensive listening in our showroom, this customer opted for the JL Audio C3 6.50″ components for the front and JL Audio C2-650x 6.50″ coaxial speakers for the rear.  The rear speakers were to be powered from the front screen and the fronts were being driven from a JL Audio XD500/3 3 channel amplifier.  The sub output was to power a JL Audio 8w3v3 8″ subwoofer in a custom built box specifically for the vehicle.  All panels were soundproofed using Skinz expert deadening material.


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A BIG “thank you” to the staff at source,had speakers,amp,sub,head unit and cables fitted…great service,sounds amazing!!

— Steve Darlow

I arrived to find two technicians on their lunch break busily helping a lost parcel delivery guy waylaid with items. This bode well for assessing the character of Source Sounds. A replacement head unit and the re wiring of a sub made me self concious that I was not their biggest customer. I could not have been more wrong. They squeezed my job in that very day and phoned me as soon as all was complete. I never had to repeat anything twice. Lee’s perseverance and tenacity was infectious. Several minor issues that I had tolerated previously are now history. I thoroughly recommend this company.

— Nick Kilner

The best car audio in Sheffield! Paul spent over an hour with me just talking about everything, door speakers, amps, sub woofers & these guys really know their stuff. Chris (who did the work on my car) spent ages making sure I had no rattles at all. I got a top of the range set up within my budget, head unit, amp, sub & door speakers & cannot speak highly enough for these guys, i learned loads & got a system that properly rocks. If you want car audio, go see these guys, even if just for a quick chat, you’ll see what the hype is about. 10/10