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Keeping your Warranty

People are often told that if anyone other than the main dealer works on your vehicle, it will “VOID” your “Factory Warranty”.

However, this is NOT true, there is a European law which states:

“Ensuring fair and effective competition is at the heart of Community  Legislation, which has included sector-specific rules on competition in the automotive industry for many years. The current Block Exemption Regulation (EC) 1400/2002 is designed to protect competition and consumer choice in the repair sector”

“It states that suppliers may sell replacement parts directly into the aftermarket, and that authorised repairers may source quality parts from the supplier of their choice, including independent parts wholesalers. The use of such parts, as well as the servicing of a vehicle by an independent repairer, shall have no effect on the manufacturer’s warranty. Independent operators are entitled to non-discriminatory access to technical information, tools and training”

Source are the professionals!

This is why when we work on your car and install equipment into your car to make it sound better or to protect it from theft, we will NOT void your Factory Warranty so you can be sure that your car is in good hands with us and you and your car will not have any problems with the Main Dealers in the future.

For further information about the “Right to Repair” please check out the AAs website below:

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself and your team on the fantastic job you did on my BMW 1 series. Initially I was stunned by what you guys had managed to achieve using a standard head unit. The sound quality is awesome, I am hearing things I have never heard in tracks I listen to time and time again. Now that I’ve had some quality listening time the system continues to only impress me. The install of the speakers and amplifier is exceptional to say the least. In line with the high level of standards you guys install to and combining this with the excellent customer service Source Sounds provide, I can only applaud you for the operation you guys have there. Thanks again (from a very happy customer)

— Ketan Ladd

Hi Guys Just want to say big thanks for squeezing my car in yesterday to fit subs and amp to my Subaru. Very professional job by Chris will definately use you again and recomend to my customers/friends keep up the top work. Thanks, Matt Smedley of cmv detailing and wrapping.

— Matt Smedley

Was there today, 18th May at 8am to have the front components on my ford focus changed to a pair of Audison Prima’s, along with some sound deadening anf wave diffusers fitted.
Got there and the staff couldnt have been more helpful or polite. Told me it would he ready by midday. After 2 and half hrs i went to have a look to see how the work was going and the technicians were almost done with it even talking to me during finishing off the install to advise me on future upgrades im thinking of and how to achieve the result im after.
Overall im very impressed, can’t reccommend them enough and im definitely going back for the rear speakers and headunit, amp subwoofer setup in a few months.
They even vaccumed the car after they had finished and went through the setip of my current stock stereo to maoe sure the new speakers were set right, advising me on how to adjust the headunit to ensure optimal burn in for the new speakers.